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They liked to pick on each other - too much, as to what their parents thought.

For some time, the Muffin family had been planning a trip to faraway Muffin City to visit their cousins'. The day of the journey had finally arrived, and the family began the long process of packing the things they would take. "Berry! Cherry! Quit fighting and get your clothes packed!" Mother Muffin kept saying. And where was that little Chip?

"When will they be easier to take care of?" Mrs. Muffin thought to herself, frantically searching for the youngest, most mischievous Muffin.

"Little Chip, where are you?" she called. "We don't have all day!"

"I'll look for him," offered Poppy as he headed up the slope of their front yard.

Chip had reached the trail leading to a nearby creek when his father caught up to him. "Why, Little Chip," scolded Poppy, "do you cause your mother and I so much heartache?"

Chip's head hung. "I don't know," he replied. "I just wanted to swim in the cool creek. I can hear the water calling to me. And skateboard some on the way back, and feel the breeze blowing in my face after that nice swim."

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