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Ahmad Aleem Williams

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2009 Ahmad Aleem Williams


First and foremost I have to thank and give all praises to God who has blessed me with so many gifts that I continue to discover. This is my first book and there are so many inspirations out there that I could go on about forever.

Thinking back to the beginning of this trek I have to thank my beautiful wife Crystal for instilling in me the belief that I could write a book worth reading. After hesitating for a year, I have finally taken her advice and have been more than blessed by the outcome of this work.

I would love to thank all of my family in New Jersey for helping mold me into the man that I have become today. To all of my children will continually fill my heart and who I think and pray about 24/7. Without any of you, I am not sure if I would have a life worth living for. Your smiles and your high expectations of Daddy will always inspire me to do better than I originally think.

To Cliff, Donnie, John John, Shaka, Andrea, Sonya, Audrey, Linda, Jessica, Valerie, and Wanda. You all knew me ever since I played Midget Football in Vineland. I could never forget your support, love, and persistent encouragement for me to always to better.

Dad, the wisdom you continuously pumped into my brain could never have a price tag on it. You never missed an opportunity to have the video camera on us whenever you could so that we could enjoy so many of those films today. You are not only a father to us, but you continue to be a father to all of those who never had the privilege that we all witnessed. I can’t believe how time has flown by and how we grew up so fast, but those quotes never grow old; because I can still hear them as if I were sitting at that kitchen table in Brotmanville, New Jersey on a Sunday morning. If anyone ever asks me I continue to tell them that you were my first barber, pastor, professor, architect, electrician, and favorite orator. You were the one that has always inspired me to go out and do things myself rather than depend on someone else.

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