The Grass is Always Greener

Three Little Lambs


Angela Hope

Copyright 2014 by Angela Hope

* * * * *

Smashwords Edition

Living on a 5-acre property Joe fenced a field to enable him and his wife Maria to have a few sheep. The main reason was to help keep the grass down and save Joe the endless grass cutting that was a tedious job especially in autumn when it rained.

The day came when the sheep arrived. They made themselves at home straight away in the field full of lush green grass.

Maria loved having the sheep and being a kind-hearted lady would save scraps from the larder to take to Rambo the Ram and the females during the day.

It wasn’t long before the sheep trusted both Joe and Maria, knowing the bag always contained tasty treats like sheep pellets, diced carrots, or left over bread. This regular contact made transferring them into another field easier.

One or two sheep were very timid and ran away at the slightest noise or movement.

They had plenty of grass in their field but for some reason, they would push their heads through the wire fencing trying to eat the grass on the other side.

Maria had noticed that one of the sheep, she named Penny was always alone.

Settled in for the evening Joe and Maria were watching television and could hear a distressed bleating that sounded close to the house. Putting on his dressing gown and slippers Joe went out into the darkness with a torch to investigate.

Penny had somehow managed to get out of the field and couldn’t find her way back and that frightened her.

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