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The illiterate’s guide to writing eBooks

By Jestin Lightner

Did you know that ebook sales have been out pacing hardcover book sales for the past two Christmas seasons as far as growth rate is concerned? As a matter of fact the CEO of Barnes N Noble has recently gone on record as saying that he will no longer be expanding the brick and mortar division of his conglomerate. That should give you an idea of what basket he is putting his eggs in. Remember the days when you went to the local mall and there was not only an FYE but also a Camelot music store? Nowadays maybe only every other mall even has a Walden books or something similar let alone a music store. Now we have apple stores right? We have seen this before so we should know how to take advantage of it right? Well, that’s why I decided to write this short nifty little ebook.

I get asked this question more than any other lately in regards to my career as a writer. You would think that most questions aimed towards me would be in reference to the storyline of The Red Gates or EVN but they are not. Everyone is more interested in career advice. In todays economic climate I can sorta see why. Smashwords and other companies that copy Mark’s business plan have developed a miracle in the literary world which enables everyday people like you and me a chance to step into a door that was once solely for people that knew how to get through via the big publishing houses in NYC. LOL, I’m sure they are all rolling over in their boardrooms even to this day and trying like hell to adapt. It’s evolution really. And now, anyone can type something up and be on their way with an ISBN and a small, do it yourself, run from the home legit internet business. Why listen to my advice? Well, I’ve only had two gold records influenced by my writing so I must be doing something right.

Now I have read a number of writers help books along the way and have received a multitude of conflicting info and misinfo and so my goal here is to shed some light on the matter the way I see fit without having to pilfer through several 300 page books. For instance: I was once privy to a writers tip that mentioned that you shouldn’t even attempt to submit a book to a publisher unless you have already written one million words. Though I am sure your first submission would be of higher quality as far as the mechanics of writing are concerned it doesn’t really mean that your creative plot lines are going to be any better or worse, right? Hey, the Outsiders was written by a sixteen year old not to mention that dragon rider movie that was released a couple years back. Do you see what I mean? They didn’t write one million words before they released their first so why should you?

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