The Scientific Method
(a Wandering Koala tale)

by Jeff Thomason

Smashwords Edition

All names, characters, and places are fictional. Any resemblance to real people—either living or dead—or places is purely coincidental. Wandering Koala, Kyle, Brent Jakes, The Secret Society Scientifica, and other prominent characters and places are trademarks of Jeff Thomason. All rights reserved.

©Copyright 2009 Jeff Thomason

Table of Contents

Prologue: What you need to know

Chapter 1: The Announcement

Chapter 2: The Pros

Chapter 3: The Cons

Chapter 4: The Society Plots

Chapter 5: The Wandering Koala Arrives

Chapter 6: Attack on the Museum

Chapter 7: Meeting Lyman

Chapter 8: Following Lyman

Chapter 9: The Decision

Chapter 10: Brent confronts Dr. Whittaker

Chapter 11: Jon Choi Reports

Chapter 12: Brent meets the Wandering Koala

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