Local DJ – At A Glance”

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Peter Cavanaugh

Copyright July 2014 by Peter Cavanaugh

Smashwords Edition


Following the original publication of “Local DJ” in 2002 and a subsequent “Tenth Anniversary Digital Update” in 2012, I was urged to edit select sections from the book dealing primarily with Flint Rock & Roll history for my friend, Vince Lorraine, such to be run as monthly columns in his classy “My City” magazine commencing in September of 2013.

With the last chapter, “Epilogue: Toledo and Beyond” being released in the July 2014 issue and after receiving outstanding response to the columns and hearing from dozens of old friends and scores of new ones, I have been encouraged to digitally publish the series as “Local DJ -- At A Glance.”

Essentially, this “Digital Compression Edit” ruthlessly slashes 126,535 words in the expanded “Tenth Anniversary Update” to 14,376 - in the process providing a significantly more time-efficient presentation that is substantially more “family friendly” as well. Left behind are hundreds of sordid highlights and amazingly wild tales of sex, drugs and Rock & Roll the more adventurous “At a Glance” readers can easily discover elsewhere.

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