Bone Magic

By Brent Nichols

Copyright 2014 Brent Nichols

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. A novel. Totally made up. Any resemblance to actual persons, places, goblin hordes or skulking necromancers is purely coincidental.

Cover art courtesy of Deedee Davies at

Chapter 1

There was a dead man walking down the side of the road, with the body of a woman slung over his shoulder.

Tira Archer reined her mule to a halt and stared at the man as he plodded along. Surely, she told herself, he wasn't actually dead. Just dirty, and haggard, and a bit bloody. There were flies, but the woman over his shoulder would explain that. He didn't so much as lift his eyes as he went by, but then, he was busy.

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