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The Hawk and the Sparrow

Selene Coulter

Published by Hooper Publishing at Smashwords

Copyright 2011

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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She’s seven years old.

Her parents are fighting so she’s been shipped off for the summer. There is nothing to do, no friends out here in the Rockies, there is only Grandma and a pretty lake. She dips her feet into the cold clear water, a welcome respite from the heat. That’s when she sees them, thinks it’s just a game: she’s still a child, still innocent. But as the birds loom closer her enjoyment fades. Instinctively she smells it—desperation—the cloying scent as strong as mommy’s perfume. With an intuition to be honed in years to come, she knows the smaller one won’t get away—its flight is pointless—even as its wings flutter with all their might. Amelia’s hope is just as wasted yet as the sparrow gains a slender lead she finds it rooting in her chest. It’s only as they pass in front of her that she learns she was right—this is a game—the hawk merely toying with its prey. A rising tide of nausea threatens to choke her, steadily increasing as the chase goes on. It is a feeling that will take her years to acknowledge, even more to understand. For now she watches to the grim conclusion, the sparrow finally succumbing to the hawk.

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