“Fans will rejoice to see Daugharty do what she does best: showcase one character, setting her off against a thousand daily details, like a diamond nestled in the shards of lesser gems.” USA Today of Like a Sister

The Sacrifice

A Novel

By Janice Daugharty

Published by Smashwords for Janice Daugharty

Copyright 2011 Janice Daugharty

Part 1

At first sight of the house, Ruth felt she heard the shock gong of a horror movie. But it wasn’t shock so much as thrill at seeing something potentially grand in such simple surroundings. And why hadn’t she noticed it before? Really, all she could see from where she was standing was the brown roof in the green trees atop the steep east bank of the Alapaha River. It looked like a large sheet of corkboard floated up and lodged at highwater in the ricks of trees and cables of vines. No doubt about it, the roofing had been selected to blend in, was almost the same shade as the knee-deep water Ruth and Mandy were wading downriver. Camouflage. A mysterious stranger had moved right in among them and nobody had even noticed.

Standing still, proudly picturing her known world through the eyes of this stranger, she felt the current trickle the coarse sand from beneath her feet till she was balancing center-soles on skate blades of sand. Clouds of silt like dust rose up to her knees. A hawk flew over the river crying and landed in a cypress old as God. Other trees were lined up and climbing the banks each side of the river, but the flat-topped cypresses stood tallest, noblest. The noon sun spangled on the water like shot glass.

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