HVZA 2: Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse

By Linda Zimmermann

Copyright 2014 Linda Zimmermann

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

“If anyone finds this, please bring it to West Point, if you can, so the people I care about will know what happened to me. I’ve lost a lot of blood from the bites and head wound, I’m all alone with very few supplies, and I don’t know if I’ll survive.”

The woman was writing in a black and white college ruled notebook with a green pen that had a bank logo on it. The boy who originally owned the notebook, Dylan, had most likely died in the house, along with the rest of his family, about a year earlier. As a doctor, Rebecca “Becks” Truesdale, was all too familiar with the various stages of human decomposition, and since the start of the zombie apocalypse in June of 2012, she had plenty of corpses to examine. In fact, she had witnessed enough death, and undeath for that matter, to last a lifetime.

When she broke into the house on Sparrow Lane, Becks wasn’t exactly thrilled to find five corpses, but with her ammo dangerously low, it was infinitely better than running into five hungry zombies. Her wounds had been too severe to allow her to dispose of the bodies at first, so she had to be content to spend a couple of weeks recuperating to get enough strength to toss the father, mother, and three children out the dining room window. Fortunately, the corpses were completely dehydrated so they weren’t terribly heavy. But they were rather brittle, so a few limbs, ears, and fingers broke off here and there as she was dragging them through the house and pushing them through the window, but she eventually disposed of all the bits and pieces.

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