Couple Kidnaps Each Other’s Spouses

By Tiffani Mae


© 2014 by Tiffani Mae

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ISBN: 978-1500443092

Chapter 1

I met my best friend in jail. Yep, me, in jail. I was 27 at the time, and she was just a few years older than me. Two woman, from 2 very different walks of life, ending up in the same horrible place.

My reason, my husband at the time wanted to experience another woman, yet keep my kids, and I was just in the way. So they set me up, and had me arrested.

They asked me to pawn something of hers because she didn’t have a license. She was, what I believed, my best friend at the time. She used her 8 month old baby to tug at my heart strings, saying she wouldn’t have any formula if she didn’t pawn this stuff to get money. I did so without hesitation. She got $333 from her husband’s jewelry. He had just gotten arrested that day for domestic abuse. As soon as I got the money put into my hand, I handed it to her, and she handed me back $33 for doing it, and for gas. 2 weeks passed, and then they put their plan into action.

I was at home, on Facebook, I believe, when I got a call from the sheriff’s office. They asked me to come down and talk to them. I had nothing to hide, so I went right away. They asked me if I pawned these items. I said yes, she asked me to. They asked me to call her on speakerphone right then and there and confront her. I did, she started screaming saying, how could you steal from me, how could you do this? My heart sunk into my chest, and I knew I had been taken advantage of. I was arrested on the spot. I have always been a goody two shoes. I had straight A’s in school, and I never even had a speeding ticket. Me going to jail was so odd.

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