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Dear Readers,

As you by now know, Bennie was born on the 4th of July, 1989.

The Bennie stories grew and grew. There are now eight of them. The Adventures of Bennie the BeltMouse continued with The Further Adventures of Bennie the Beltmouse.

The children and adults that met Bennie have remembered him with affection. I am often greeted, even after over 20 years, with, "How is Bennie." I always smile and assure them Bennie is alive and well, living in the Meadow with his family.

Here is an excerpt from a teacher in Pella, Iowa, who used the Bennie book in her class room.

I offered the manuscript to any student who wanted to read it and several did. Some of those chose to respond to you in the letters you have here. As they read, i watched-they were all absorbed in the book. No one quit and said they did not care to continue. Since many who read are good readers, that speaks well of your writing.

I have treasured that statement for a good many years.

Please, enjoy the Bennie Books as much as we all have.

Thank you for your attention.

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