I saw him step into his car and back out. I knew him. He was a teacher at the high school. Very well known and very respected. It was what he left behind that caught my attention.

A white envelope sat on the pavement where his car once stood. I walked over and picked it up. Now I’ll admit that I’m a bit nosy. I opened the envelope very quickly to the sight of green. And I’m talking about the good green. The kind we all want.

Unfortunately my mama raised me right. I walked over to the phone booth and pulled his number from the hanging book. A call to his home from my cell reviled his current whereabouts. It was a several miles away, but something told me the old man would need his money for the full day he had. Ah, we all love bills.

Several miles later I asked the skinny, young man behind the counter if he had seen him. He had but left a moment before I arrived. I was off again to yet another exotic location in the tiny town I call home.

Next the video store. Cute boy in the comedy section told me that he stopped and dropped off his movies, but for some odd reason didn’t rent another, odd for him but seams he had seen every musical in the store already. I love musicals, so I related. Cute boy didn’t but we settled on comedy being a great date movie and I walked away with a new number in my cell.

I also walked away with the knowledge of my money guys’ next move. I hopped in the car and headed to the bakery. The smell of flour and chocolate greeted me. I grabbed me a sugar coated and decided to branch out of my usual simple white bread, splurging on a honey baked artisan loaf. Hey, cute boy deserved something sweet tonight. I headed out on foot this time to my next location just a block away.

Entering the market I caught site of him down the canned food aisle only to lose him again as I tripped over my high school class prom queen. She had left the day after graduation to pursue an acting career. Turns out the rumors were true; she was back, and in her worse shape ever. But she had married money and he was standing next to her. They bought the old theater and converted it to a mini- mall of sorts. Several stores had already leased space.

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