My Trailer Trash Girlfriend and her Family (Part 3)

The rest of that afternoon went pretty well I thought. After I walked past Sandra I grabbed a soda from the fridge and went outside to see what Anne was up to. She was just laying in the sun wearing her sister Sandra’s old bathing suit, which looked a little silly on her since Sandra had wider hips, a fatter ass, and tits that were like twice the size of Anne’s.

I was a little worried about what Sandra was going to do now. She couldn’t know for sure that I was in there screwing her mom, but she had to at least suspect. If not she would be the dumbest woman in the world, especially since her mom was practically naked when I walked out of the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what she could say to Anne though. I don’t think “Hey I think your boyfriend was in there fucking Mom” would do anything but start a sister fight. But it would probably make it a lot harder for me to keep having fun and make Anne more suspicious and cautious of me in general even if she didn’t believe it.

The rest of the day went by pretty much as normal. I have no idea what Sandra said to her mom inside if she said anything at all. I kicked back on a chair beside Anne and waited and within about five minutes Sandra came back outside with a drink in her hand. Behind my sunglasses I watched her walk across the yard and sit in a chair on the other side of Anne from me. I leaned my head back like I was just relaxing and probably had my eyes closed, but really I was fucking Sandra now with my eyes from behind my glasses.

Sandra didn’t say anything, but when she realized that it seemed like my eyes were closed I caught her eyeing me too, and she wasn’t looking at my face. Watching her eyes staring down at my crotch in as sneaky a way as she could was making it hard for me not to smile. She was totally on to me.

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