Throughout history, we are reminded in many ways about the power of thought. In Charles Dickens’ great opening line found in A Tale of Two Cities, we behold a grand literary mind penning his perceptions of the day before him--a responsibility each of us has in fulfilling the potential of our own lives.

What we think we are, we become. In A Small Matter of Destiny, I was presented this paradigm through skilled descriptions of character, place, and sequence of events. Nicolas captivated me by allowing placement of my own perception of destiny beside the protagonist, Edmond. He convinces me beyond doubt as the plot cleverly unfolds that each spark of creative thought, or each smothering of fear, can and will become a moment in time that delivers a credit, or extracts a debt, as one lives his or her life.

This book is a parable for our time. Our world sits on edge of many an abyss. Nicolas makes a statement in this fine work of fantasy that each of us must conceptualize a better, bigger picture. Each of us must see a superior world through our ability to think, and to act, creating a communal destiny far greater than what each of us hold alone. We are responsible for leaving the world healthier than when we came to it. Nicolas Ambrose shows us how in A Small Matter of Destiny.

Thomas Preiss

Author of The Hassayampa King

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