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  1. Copy Bird

  2. The Present (Bonus Story)

  3. About the Author


It’s been over three weeks since he last felt any ground shakes. Their sound continues to ring in his ears. In order to be safe, he hasn’t left his shelter underground. He reasons that he could make his way above ground, only to find death waiting at his door.

Food supplies are good. On his shelves, he’s placed non-perishables like canned beans, beets, and green beans. After three weeks, he’s tired of eating those foods, but he knows he’d be dead without them.

Water is another issue. While he was prepared for what happened, he could only store so much. His supply is low and he knows that he will have to make his way to the surface—whether he wants to or not.

“Why didn’t I store more water?” He asks aloud. It’s a valid question. He put his priorities in the food not realizing the amount of water he would drink out of boredom.

More than three weeks with no human contact is difficult for him. It’s as if he is in jail—kept in solitary confinement. He finds himself speaking aloud regularly. Sometimes, he hears someone speaking back, and he has a conversation. Other times, he’s just speaking so he can hear another human voice.

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