First off, what exactly is Dyslexia, you may be wondering? From the medical community, it is termed a “learning disability”, as previously referred to; and is characterized by a difficulty-not necessarily and inability-to learn in the most standard ways that our children are educated in school. So, most specifically, this means that those experiencing the most basic symptoms of Dyslexia, experience difficulty reading, writing, and spelling.

Often, Dyslexia will manifest itself in children who seem to have problems learning the most basic functions of reading, writing, and spelling-and cannot keep information in their short and long term memories. There is no known cause associated with the condition, but there has been a link between genetics and its appearance in certain individuals.

You may be wondering, what exactly occurs in the body, when Dyslexia is present. Basically, the brain is not sending and receiving messages efficiently-and thus, receives messages of learning topics as muddled and mixed up-causing extreme confusion-and subsequent, depression and/or self-confidence issues.

The most significant misnomer about this disease or condition is that it is not signature of an un-intelligent or slow learning individual. The subject may be-conversely-very intelligent, just unable to send and receive the messages required for proper learning-efficiently. This said, a person with Dyslexia typically, just needs another way to send messages of perception and learning to their brain-i.e. another style of teaching is often necessary to bring out the individual’s learning potential.

In the long term, what does the condition, once diagnosed mean to the patient and their family? Unfortunately, Dyslexia is not something you just grow out of. Instead, it is a lifelong hindrance; but it doesn’t have to be. If diagnosed and paid attention to early in one’s childhood; with the proper teaching, lesson plans, and self awareness of how they can learn; than success can prevail for the Dyslexic patient.

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