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Chapters 91-120


By Robert Arthur Smith

THE DUCKS OF DOOM was a 2002 Independent e-Books award finalist.

Copyright 2000-2009,

Robert Arthur Smith,

All rights reserved.


The Camels of the Negev had been wandering for quite some time in the desert before they reached a McVlod's eatery. During that long period of hunger, thirst, blisters and grumbling, they'd begun to forget their sophisticated, urban manners.

They grew accustomed to goat-skin tents, snakes, vicious battles with their enemies, flesh-eating spiders, and water that ran away before it could be used for anything. They grew irritable and weary, and they stopped leaving artifacts for museum curators.

Some historians think there was a limit to their urbanity even before they left Just Ur.

Living in a family of 70,000 (actual quantity may vary from number printed on box) puts a crimp in your sophistication. You have to jump right into a conversation with both feet if you want to be heard, and you have to elbow your way to the haggis if you want anything to eat.

Not very delicate, but that's how it is in big families.

Anyway, by the time the camels arrived at a McVlod's eatery, they were a rough-and-ready crew.

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