The restaurant was soon a chaos of exuberant camels belting out chorus after chorus of 'On Top of Old Smoky', 'She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain', and 'How Much is That Doggie in the Window?'.

They had food fights, they bonked each other with antique canopic jars, and they embalmed each other with the little embalming kits that were supposed to be party favors for young people.

They drank too much McVlod's Ambiguous beer and they threw up in incense jars and sarcophaguses.

A waiter dropped the check into the mess and departed. Hank put on his reading glasses and discovered that the camels owed an amount approximately equal to the gross national product of Denmark.

He summoned the waiter.

"This seems a little excessive," he said mildly. "What's this item here? Ten thousand shekels for Alpine water?"

"It's special water, sir," said the waiter. "From pristine Alpine streams."

"In a goat's eye it is!" said Hank. "I saw your water boy get it from a well in the back yard, next to the privy."

"That's our Alpine well. Didn't you notice the gentians growing in the shade of the privy?"

"And what's this item here? Fifty thousand shekels for Salade de Petrie Dish?"

"That's a house specialty, sir. Our chef designed it himself, in honor of Pharaoh Petrie Dish. It's made with fresh-picked greens garnished with natron."

"You picked it off the rocks in that pond by the stables! It's algae."

"Those are organic rocks, sir."

Hank shook his head. "I don't have enough cash," he said. "Will you take my IOU?"

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