How the Internet vigilantes of Anonymous took on a computer security firm, spilled its secrets to the world, and got the attention of Congress--all to keep their own identities a secret.

Nate Anderson, Peter Bright, and Jacqui Cheng

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Copyright 2011, Condé Nast. More copyright information.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: You’ve Angered the Hive

Chapter 2: How One Man Tracked Down Anonymous

Chapter 3: Virtually Face to Face

Chapter 4: Spy Games

Chapter 5: Anonymous Speaks

Chapter 6: Black Ops

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

Chapter 8: Dems Push for Investigation

Credits, Copyright, and Additional Information

Anonymous got lucky. When five of its hackers attacked security company HBGary Federal on February 6, 2011, they were doing so in order to defend the group’s privacy. It wasn’t because they hoped to reveal plans to attack WikiLeaks, create surveillance cells targeting pro-union organizations, and sell sophisticated rootkits to the US government for use as offensive cyber weapons—but that’s what they found.

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