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Cover art by: Michael William Valadez©

Written in collaboration with Michael William Valadez


Chapter 1

Ragtag Family

Donait! Donait! Where are you . . . where are you?” Rosilda looked from side to side in a panic, fearing the monstrous creatures of the swamp would eat her precious daughter. She trudged through the life threatening mud, feeling with her walking stick for safe ground.

Donait . . . where are you, my darling . . . where are you?” shouted Rosilda as adrenaline pumped through her heart.

Saba heard a squeal in the distance and ran, gasping for air as she broke a sweat, fearing the worst.

Donait! Donait! I’m coming!” Rosilda called out with a tone of terror.

Donait screamed out in distress, “Saba . . . Mother . . . help me!”

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