Chapter 1

I had tasted a love stronger than any emotion I’d ever felt in my life.

It was a bold statement for a sixteen-year-old girl to make, but it was the truth.

I thought back to the first day I realized our school’s resident bad boy, Vance Mangum, had an interest in me. My connection with him was instantaneous. There had never been any question he was the one for me, even after I found out he was a powerful warlock running from his past.

My mind began to run over everything that happened in the last few months of my life with him.

I found out on my sixteenth birthday I was a witch, the thirteenth descendant from a long line of witches and warlocks. I learned my grandmother and father were leaders of a magical coven. And I discovered the coven was protecting the person I loved most in this world from a horrible danger—his own father.

I’d fallen in love with Vance Mangum. My own life was almost sacrificed to save him from what should have been certain death. But when I awoke from all the trauma, it was to find him gone from my life, set on a collision course with the very evil that had nearly destroyed him once before.

I sighed and looked back into the eyes of the guy man who faced me now in my living room—disbelief and confusion etched upon his face.

“This is a lot to comprehend.” Brad let out a deep breath as he leaned back into the chair, clearly finding it difficult to believe anything I’d been saying for the past hour.

“Show him something, Portia,” Shelly suggested, sitting down next to me, urging me to be a little more forceful in my demonstration.

She was probably right, and knowing I needed to get things moving along, I did as she suggested. I sighed as I lifted my hand into the air and motioned for the magazine on the table next to Brad to come toward me. Lifting easily, it floated, and was soon settled in my outstretched palm.

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