Madison shook her head, and tentatively took a step forward to throw a load of washing in the machine and shut the lid.

Here, let me show you how it works.” Steve stood behind her, leaning over to point out each button. Madison could feel the heat radiating off his skin as he described each button’s specific function and is sent a wave of heat down her own body. She’d forgotten what it felt like to have a man so close to her. He finished talking and stood there. He brushed the hair back that was hanging over her shoulders and kissed her neck. She flinched

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” said Steve, taking a step back.

It… it’s ok. You… you don’t have to stop,” Madison managed to squeak out after a long pause.

He stepped towards her again, this time even closer. He ran his hands down the sides of her body, his left hand stopping to caress her thigh. He brought his right hand up to her breast and he stroked it gently, still kissing her neck. Madison sighed. She’d wanted this for so long.

Steve brought the thin straps of her dress over her shoulders, exposing her breasts, and turned her around to face him. She caught a glimpse of his eyes, staring at her, ready to devour her whole. She ran her eyes over his strong, muscular body which was glistening with sweat. She closed her eyes as he kissed her softly on the lips. It was too much.

He knelt down and kissed her breasts, kneading them and biting softly on her nipples. She felt the throbbing between her thighs and threw her head back. This was better than any dream. He stood up, removing his own shirt and slipping her dress off all the way. His eyes lit up as they traveled along the curves of her body. She’d gotten dressed in such a hurry; she had forgotten to put any underwear on. Madison blushed as she noticed Steve lick his lips. He wanted her.

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