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Don’t Laugh at My Cervix by Jeana Byrd-Davis

I’m not sure where to begin. My husband, an avid writer himself, suggested that I should write this book and share with others my journey through cervical cancer. So, on his advice I’m writing my story of how I survived cervical cancer and everything in between.

I guess the best place to start would be at the beginning. No, not when I was born. That’s way too far back and really who wants to know about all that. That’s not why you bought this book. I mean the beginning of my journey through The Big C.

So once upon a time there was, well there was me. Certainly not a Princess and definitely no castle to speak of though; I do have a Prince Charming whom we’ll get too momentarily. My whole life changing ordeal began in 2007. Life was good; I had a great job, beautiful kids and a wonderful man that adored me (that’s the Prince Charming I spoke of). I even had started doing a little modeling work and had a few paying gigs. So yeah things were going good in my life for a change.

Over the summer of 2007 though a little issue began to crop up here and there. An issue that all too soon I wouldn’t be able to ignore. At first it was a little spotting once and awhile after me and Prince Charming made love which can happen. Then the occasional spotting turned into very often full on bleeding like a stuck pig after intercourse.

Mind you the occasional spotting could be easily ignored and explained away but the bleeding like a stuck pig could not. Not to mention how very unsexy it was. I had tried for months to ignore it or explain it away but I couldn’t anymore and after much pressuring from Prince Charming I made an appointment with my gynecologist.

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