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Furious Goodness and Light

By William Green

Published by the author

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 William Green

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The following is an account of a year in my life. They call me The Doctor of Manliness. I am neither a Doctor nor Manly. What I am is a beautiful husband of a wife and a wonderful father of some children. I have a firm belief that I was a Pterodactyl in a previous life, and that I may be The Christ. Humans make me nervous, and I dream of one day having a pet woodchuck. I hope by the end you will have a better understanding of my Goodness. Thanks for reading my story.

Saturday, February 2

Groundhog Day

I've been home alone for 8 hours and I’m starting to think that I might be a groundhog. I mean THE groundhog, the one who saw his shadow. With all these thoughts running thru my head, killing the dog, setting myself on fire ect , maybe these are the thoughts of an overweight groundhog gone completely mad. It does explain a lot, my scatter brain attention deficit mind ricocheting all over the known universe of thought. Groundhogs, or as I like to be referred to as woodchucks, do wear top hats, they really do! So this sudden unexplainable yearning to wear one makes sense only if I am indeed Groundhog Phil. How did I get here and father children, my wife must be a wackjob to do it with a woodchuck. Unless we, yes we are all groundhogs. Is there a groundhog Jesus? OK, I went astray (or is that ashtray?) somewhere. It also explains why I suck at playing the banjo, seeing how I have no fingers, well just these cute little rodent hands.

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