Element Of Life

D. B. R

Copyright 2014 By D. B. R

Smashwords Edition

Blue. Oh God, it’s so blue. The world... is blue. Oh, and then there’s the rain. As if it wasn’t enough, we’re always getting some extra H2O on all that we love. Someone said once that fighting against fire is no big deal. No matter how big or small it is... eventually, it will be extinguished. But when you find yourself confronting its arch-nemesis... well, then you’re screwed. The element of life was never so threatening. And ever since planet Earth adopted the features of Neptune, people asked themselves the same question, over and over – ‘Why couldn’t we, humans, show more respect towards the element of life? Had we done that, we’d still be the rulers of the planet. Now the fishes conquered us.’

Indeed, we as a species were way to busy to befriend the element of life. Instead, we abused it, we took it for granted like pretty much the rest of the nature. And now... now it’s too late... way too late. Unfortunately, we learned it the hard way. Now we’re doomed to follow the dinosaurs’ legacy. Some of us already accepted the idea, and others will follow. Now I don’t know what happened to the dinosaurs, but at least humans didn’t vanish in a blink of an eye so to say. The humans’ ending is the slow type. It started with the destruction of their habitats, and then slowly, it moved to individual level. Only those who can adapt can survive. But in order to adapt and survive, one must have a reason...

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