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What secrets lie hidden in the WWII Harley motorcycles? Why was a harmless young man assassinated in a crowded train depot? And when do avenging angels cross the line to become killers? Follow Air Force Special Investigator Jack Vu as his hunt for a murderer uncovers an aged cadre of veterans set on making one final attempt to redeem themselves by recovering and returning a cache of treasures to Holocaust survivors. As time runs out, and the true wounds of war are revealed, a sense of urgency propels these modern day Robin Hoods forward. This historically accurate tale forces moral choices by these unforgettable characters that will stay with you long after this satisfying thriller reaches its conclusion.

What Others are Saying about Wolf's Remedy

"As addictive and satisfying as my first tattoo, Wolf's Remedy left me craving more."

Lyle Tuttle, Tattoo Legend and Historian

"Doc understands the seamier side of life. His characters are complex, loaded with contradictions and wholly believable."

Dan Schilling, Special Ops Commander, Co-Author of The Battle of Mogadishu.

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