Brigadoon Comedy Club

Copyright © 1999 by Douglas Vance Castagna

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By Douglas Vance Castagna

Blood stained the sidewalk on West 57th street in front of the Brigadoon comedy club. It was one in the morning when the coroner arrived and pronounced the victim dead. The victim was carted away in the meat wagon fifteen minutes later. The police questioned the throng of people who had gathered to watch the scene unfold since the shooting. None of them had seen anything. When the news van came, and the reporter stepped out, combing his thick shiny black mane of hair and checking for remnants of food between his teeth by looking in the van's mirror, several eyewitnesses appeared out of the faceless crowd to be on television. The reporter stepped over the blood stains on the sidewalk to interview a short fat woman walking her little black poodle Fifi.

"I saw the whole thing," she said smiling for the camera. All she had to say however was something about how the Mayor was screwing up the city. The reporter moved on to the next person and asked him what happened, he to had nothing valid to say either, but he was much more photogenic.

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