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How to make

google search work for you?

Jeff Spira


Eventually you're going to come across the term ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ search engine optimization (SEO). There might have been a time when ‘black hat’ techniques actually worked, but the very smart people at Google are slamming doors faster and faster on black hat methods and the consequences of attempting one or more of these techniques are becoming so severe that you'll completely regret ever going to the dark side.

Black hat methods are attempts to trick the search engine into rating your site higher than it should be. Some of the more common methods of black hat SEO include:

Hidden Text

Back in the Infoseek days, this was perhaps the single most popular black hat SEO method out there. All you had to do was display at the bottom of your site your top 20 keywords repeated several hundred times each, set the type size to 1 point and make the text color the same as the background color. When the automated robot stopped by and read the text, wow, it found all sorts of keywords about the topic of your site, so it figured this site must be crammed with good information about your topic. Nearly all the porn sites did this in their scramble to get higher ratings.

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