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Self-Publish Your Novel

Lessons from an Indie
Publishing Success Story


By Robert Kroese

© 2011 Robert Kroese. All rights reserved.


Who the Hell Do I Think I Am?

Mercury Falls: A Case Study

E-Books Are the Key

The E-Publishing Window

Write the Novel You Want to Read

Getting Your Manuscript Into Shape

Build Your Platform

Why Hard Copy?

The Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing

What’s in the Box?

Marketing: Explosion versus Slow Burn

Paid Advertising

Audio Books

Handling Reviews


Who the Hell Do I Think I Am?

In October 2010, I self-published a collection of humorous essays entitled The Force is Middling in this One. As part of the marketing process, I combed through looking for reviewers who I thought might enjoy the book. These days very few Amazon reviewers post their email addresses, but occasionally I would find one and add it to a spreadsheet of potential reviewers. It took a long time (think days, not hours), but eventually I had a list of about 100 email addresses. My plan was to offer each of these reviewers a copy of Force in the hopes that they would like it and write a review.

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