Controlling your anger

When meet or in contact with others, sometimes, an argument or a disagreement is inevitable, you wouldn’t necessary like everyone that you meet in your life due to personality/character difference between the two. But there is always a quote—Endure a moment for a temporary peacefulness, draw a step back for boundlessness as the sea and the sky.

But really we should ask ourselves ‘what kind of action done by others would piss me off? ’

If our heart is big enough to forgive any kind of action/matter, where is the dispute? where is the anger?

Do you want to live a life that you get along well with everyone in your life, or a life where you are constantly picking others peoples faults/problem which makes you angry?

There is another saying---- every day is good, every moment is good, every person is good, and every matter is good. Do you want to live in a life that everything satisfies you? I’m guessing it’s a YES to that question, But WHEN? 10 years later? 20 years later? No, it’s NOW!! Right Now! The only requirement is that you need to have a big forgiving heart and attitudes.

Normally, after a big fight, what has been said could not be taken back; maybe that fight could cost you a 3 years relationship, or close friendship.

Let me tell you story

Once upon a time, there was man trying to enlighten/teach his son about anger, because his child has some anger management problems, he asked his son to place/hammer one nail into a wooden pillar every time he loses his temper, so the son did what his father said, every time he becomes angry he would place a nail into the wooden pillar. After a week, that pillar was covered with countless nails, his son suddenly realized how bad his anger issues were, after that he started restrain/suppress his anger. Eventually one day he didn’t lose his temper at all, so he told his father happily about his accomplishment, then his dad asked him again to take off one of the nails from the pillar, if he controlled his anger for one day. The son felt really satisfied whenever he takes one off. Eventually all the nails were being taken off. So he told his dad about this excitedly and took his dad to that pillar that he was hammering the nails to, His dad said ‘Even though, you have taken off all of the nails, but look at the pillar itself, the damage you have caused’

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