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From the seed of Abraham,
the Lord God's chosen friend,
fourteen generations
to King David, then again,
fourteen more of that prince
to captivity in Babylon,
and once more fourteen
until the Lord begot His Son.
Out of the House of David,
as written in prophecy,
were born the young man Joseph
and his betrothed, Mary.
Now before they knew each other
in sacred love's embrace,
the Holy Spirit gave her child;
Mary, full of grace.
And Joseph, fearing reproach,
sought to hide her shame,
but was moved in dream by God
to give the maiden his name.
"Behold, the virgin shall be with child
and shall bring forth a son."
So the prophet had written,
and so God's will was done.
And thus it is the story
of the Lord Jesus Christ begins:
"Thou shalt call his name Jesus Emanuel;
for he shall save his people from their sins."






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