Another Evening in Stacy’s Dorm Room

By Ernest Winchester

Copyright 2011 By Ernest Winchester

Harold awoke in a very confused state. He glanced around the dimly lit room, sure that something was wrong. To start with, the window that was allowing the faint light into the room from around its closed curtains was in the wrong place. Did some prankster move his bed so that he was facing the opposite way? And how could he have crawled in it without noticing? But the biggest surprise was the realization that someone was in bed with him.

In sudden comprehension, the evening came back to him. He had fallen asleep after he and Stacy had made love. They were at a place in their relationship where making love and having sex were muddled in his mind. Either was an intense experience, but he was developing a greater desire for her than any woman he had ever had sex with before. He wasn’t sure just what that feeling meant.

In the exhausted state he had been in, having studied very late the night before for the exam he had taken that morning, he had last remembered snuggling around her naked body as his own bare flesh pressed against hers for warmth. There seemed to be a slight draft from the window and, without pajamas, they cuddled to ward off the chill. Outside the dorm, the temperature was in the teens.

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