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Disclaimer – the contents of this book are Dr Rodney Ford’s own personal viewpoint on treating and managing eczema / food allergy / food intolerance / gluten-related disorder / gluten syndrome problems. He has gained his experience working in pediatric allergy clinics. You are not one of his patients. He has written this book for your general guidance.

Dedication – to so many of my patients and families
whose experiences have made this book possible.

Commendation for this eczema & foods book

Amazing! Yes this works!”

Max has been off dairy, peanut and egg and the change with his eczema has been amazing. Since totally avoiding dairy, he only is having small flare-ups of eczema and everything is easily managed with moisturisers and just the occasional steroid. Yes! This works!”

From Max’s mum.

Helping George

It was great to know what was causing the eczema!”

Jane & Brent write:

“George developed eczema on his body, legs and face when he was about 2 months old and it steadily got worse. I breast fed George up until he was 6 months old and tried going dairy free for 3 weeks, however this did not improve his eczema. While George did have some settled periods, he was mostly difficult to settle, both during the day and night, he would wake during the night screaming, and from about 5 months would be constantly scratching all over his body where the eczema was.

It was tough dealing with George's unsettled times with a lack of sleep. And I was constantly worried about what I was eating, or what I should be giving George to eat, or what was affecting him.

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