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When George was 6 months old we took him to Dr Rodney Ford and he had skin tests which showed he was allergic to egg, peanut, dairy, soy and goat milk. We then switched to pepti junior as a milk substitute and avoided all the foods he was allergic to. We also started giving George probiotics. Although it took a couple of months for George's skin to clear up to the point he was no longer scratching, he did become a lot more settled generally. It was great to at least know what was causing the eczema and be able to do something positive to help George, rather than trying to just manage it with creams and medicines that we weren't happy about giving him.

George is now a happy boy who sleeps well every night and has little trouble with his eczema. Knowing and being able to avoid the foods causing George's eczema has made life a lot easier for all of us. Thank you Dr Ford!”

From Jane & Brent Higgins.

Helping Danette

“After two days being gluten-free, my skin felt better than it had in 14 years. As I read in your book, dairy, eggs, and peanuts looked like the next step for me.”

Danette Novotny writes:

“Dr. Ford, I just purchased and read the ebook Eczema: cure it! Thank You!

I have been living with (supposedly) chronic hand eczema for nearly 20 years. Fours years ago I went gluten-free just to see if it would help (as suggested by a friend). Unbelievable by me, I was feeling so much better in even two days that I thought I was crazy! I was in so much pain before, having what I knew to be more than just skin "stuff".

My pain was not only skin level, but inside my hands, too. I believed that the answer had to be systemic, just didn't know what. It felt as though someone was cutting the insides of my hands. Sharp, stabbing pains inside, at the skin level, my skin was broken and painfully prickly feeling. It would split open with cuts and bleed, burn, turn red, sometimes itch, too. The air even hurt it. To have my child hold my hands even hurt. The pain inside my hands kept me up at night.

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