Northern Exposure

The Divided

Northern Exposure

Luken Du Pont

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Diary entry: 7

When I was younger, out at sea with my father he would constantly repeat a quote he held dear to his heart, “Failure shall never overcome you if your determination to succeed is strong enough Cairo.” At the time I could not understand what he meant by this. But As I grew older I realised, he wanted me to strive for greatness, he did not want me to give up on my dreams as many in our community had, settling for mediocre jobs in the surrounding fisheries. He emphasised how I should not fall into the trap conformity. He did not want me to be like all the others around us content with the repetitive lifestyle of hauling loads of fish every day. No, my father truly believed I was destined to be a powerful, successful man. Regardless of the fact that when I received my chef diploma and eventually made the move to NYC he was very unhappy and even more so scared about my decision to relocate so far. In time he stood true to his words though and was so proud of my accomplishments he had informed the entire town of his young boy’s success.

In a way I guess I had lived up to my dad’s aspirations and had become somewhat “Powerful”, not in the exact context he believed, but I had become great and important to the people around me. I was their life line, their protector, even though I was still coming to terms with my new role, I knew one thing. Failure would never overcome me, when I had such precious cargo on the line. I would have to insure I became the biggest, baddest, creature out there and even though I had managed to do so many remarkable things, I still believed many times luck was the reason we had escaped of precarious situations. My role of chef was over; my place a comatose victim had come to an end. Now I had one responsibility, which was getting these six people safely to Newport and no amount of Reapers would stop me! But getting there would be easier said than done. Our last battle had left us in a bad state. Ravaged, picking up the war torn pieces we had left, not having a minutes break as we got ready to push on forward to Newport.

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