Stories from the Ether Volume I

The Secret of Rue McGrath


The Excerpt

By: W.T. Hughes

Thanks to Renee and Darrin for all your support

The Secret of Rue McGrath

My price range for an apartment was rather lean after the divorce, and each rat hole I found for rent was worse than the prior. She had emptied the savings account before she ran off with the neighbor, and I had lost my job the month before when the factory shut down. With no job and no money one’s options for accommodations in Boston are very limited. Most places I could afford were in Dorchester, a crime ridden pool of decay if there ever was one. The buildings would have been condemned if the city ever bothered to inspect them. Then I saw it, an ad for a small apartment in Jamaica Plain that was within my price range.

I went to see the place expecting the worst, but while it may not be the best section of the city it was heads above Dorchester. The building was a plain enough brick construction, however what struck me immediately was the lack of ne'er-do-well’s standing on the stoop outside. All of the apartments I had visited before I could not enter without either threats of violence, offers to purchase drugs of all types and quantities, or outright assault in some cases.

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