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Most of the girls liked Jeremy despite the fact that he wasn't exactly cute. I mean if you looked on the outside, he had teeth that stood out when he talked, hair that moped his face, freckles that had no direction and he wore glasses that slipped down his nose. But the girls liked him because he was a brain.

Jeremy was a sharp dresser too. He wore those non wrinkle kind of pants, and usually a white or blue shirt. Ironed and all, they were the kind of clothes that brainy kids wear. He always looked so neat as though he'd just stepped away from a party or something. He reminded me of a little old man in kid clothes.

The first day of school, three years ago, I'd lost my sissors. I frantically searched my entire backpack for them. Mrs. Fowler gets upset when someone doesn't bring their supplies and I was beginning to panic. But Jeremy saved my day. He loaned me his. From that day forward, we were friends.

Sometime later I found out Jeremy lived a couple of blocks from me, we were practically neighbors. So we walked home together. We'd stop at the railroad tracks and wait for the daily train.

Jeremy couldn't play after school, even though he had the most tremendous playard in his backyard. I didn't understand it, because I never saw him playing there, or anyone else for that matter. It seemed such a waste.

I'd have been out there everyday if it had been mine.

Despite all this, I still liked Jeremy, and we became best friends.

About a week after school started, this year, Jeremy had his first run in at school. I had expected something to happen, just because of how Jeremy was, but I didn't expect him to act this way.

Jason Robbins began taking his lunch away from Jeremy. It wasn’t that strange to see one kid take a lunch from another kid, no, what was strange was that Jeremy never put up a fight, never made a scene, he just handed over his lunch to him, as though Jason had every right to ask him for it. Everybody knew what was happening, no one said a word about it, though.

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