Rita Hestand

The Red Jacket

Jeremy Michael Myers moved to Wylie about three years ago. I met him in the third grade. We used to kid him about his name, since Michael Myers was the famous monster from a Horror movie. Jeremy took it in his stride, and only smiled. He was shy, quiet and very smart.

Most of the girls liked Jeremy despite the fact that he wasn't exactly cute. I mean if you looked on the outside, he had teeth that stood out when he talked hair that moped his face, freckles that had no direction and he wore glasses that slipped down his nose. However, the girls liked him because he was a brain, and he'd help them with their homework, sometimes.

Jeremy was a sharp dresser too. He wore those non-wrinkle pants and a clean white shirt, the kind of clothes that brainy kids wear. He always looked so neat, as though he'd just stepped away from a party or something.

He wasn't good at sports, even though he gave it his all. He couldn't bat a ball, pitch, or even catch. On the field, Jeremy was a real klutz. Nevertheless, because he did try, we gave him his due.

I liked him because he always made me think about things.

Like when I asked him, "Why'd you give Leroy your lunch everyday, not knock his lights out and then turn around, and hit Butch for trying the same thing?"

Jeremy would laugh. "That's simple. Leroy was hungry. He's got seven b brothers and three sisters at home. He really wanted my food…to eat. Butch just wanted to be a bully he didn't care about the food.

I didn't know Leroy had so many brothers and sisters. But Jeremy did. Because he was that kind of kid. He was interested in people. He cared.

"Why are you such a klutz at baseball?" I'd razed him.

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