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A novel


Todd Robert Petersen

Zarahemla Books

Provo, Utah

© 2009 by Todd Robert Petersen. All rights reserved. Published in the United States of America by Zarahemla Books. Cover photo and design by the author. Smashwords Edition.

For Pete Peterson and Marlow Imlay,

two of the last great American barbers.

Part One: The Feud

Chapter One

The screen door at the back of the Thorsen home blew off its hinges, flipped once in the air, and crashed in the gravel behind a white Ford pickup. The sound ricocheted around the yard and barn and carport, sending a pair of thrushes rocketing through a gap in the cottonwoods. The report died in the open before it could reach the mountains. Thorsen paused for a moment in the doorway, his arms stiff and his palms out, his overalls heaving, his forehead stippled in sweat. He was an old man in good health; his fingers were thick, his hands broad, the width of his shoulders was half again the width of his waist. His white hair was full, and combed ineptly.

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