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Thought factor: Learning to debate with the Inner self.

By Suzanne Montpetit

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2009(Canada) Suzanne Montpetit


Within the walls of measureable time there are words contained but free to develop and grow into thought. This is the meaning of life through progressive thinking and core thought. May I ask you something? What are you thinking? What are your thoughts? What prompted you to connect with me and the thoughts I am to reveal? Maybe your mind connected with what the title said about the book, or maybe you are curious about what I have to say. Maybe, just maybe I touched a chord of molecular thought inside your subconscious that made you think about all of this. I am a writer, a self philosopher, I have thoughts and meaning to those thoughts. I have ideas and concepts and I have consciousness. Maybe this is what prompted me to create a theory of my own on the quantum idea of why consciousness exists and how we could be connected to something more than just the making of a person and personality. Quantum thought, quantum personalities all exist inside the mind and the subconscious, the core that extends itself into the physical and mental stability of the human being and the human consciousness. I have always questioned my existence and my relationship to the existence. What does make us tick and who is really in control up there inside the power of the brain and its complexity. Particles and molecules, quantum energy and many more unknowns have had us looking for the answers in all aspects of living. We have turned to humanity and science, we have turned to the stars and the universe and we have also turned inside to believe in a higher existence which enlightens our reason for being. Which is truth and which is made up of nonsense? I do not intend to answer that but I do believe I can give you a better reason to live and a better way to accept life as it is presented to you by your conscious self.

You know you don’t have to understand yourself to accept the person who is, inside. There are no apologies, no regrets, there is only you. To wonder and ask is to be complete, to accept is to be whole. I do not think that any one of us can totally be in denial that a conscious being lives inside the mind. Each of us is a seed that has grown and still grows with each and every thought, with each new desire and with the love that beats from the physical heart. Who can deny this, and who can deny that each one of us is a replication of another. I think therefore I am, but to be conscious is greater. To be conscious is to bear all to the world and ask for nothing more than acceptance from our peers and our friends, our family and all others that bear the name human. Judgement is for law and not to be within the confines of the heart and the conscious being. It is all about acceptance. By chance we are and by chance we thrive each day with each decision we make. Come hell or high water, someone once said and thus it is true. We stand between life and death each day as decisions are made and chances are taken. We have gone to war over difference and we have fallen in love for the same reasons. So as a writer I try to convey the truth of what I feel as I ask you all to read and convey within the core of thought and emotion, to except the person and the personality first and foremost and then sit back and take notice of what works and what does not. Debate the facts, ignore the fiction and come to the debate field with one interest and one reason to find neutral ground in which to heal and grow once more.

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