Your Home Business Plan
Be Happy Working From Home

Dan Clarke

Copyright A. Kent, 2014

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So, you want to start your home business, or you have one but you're not sure how to improve it, the question is what should you do now?

The answer quite likely is to make a business plan.

Now you may be saying to yourself:

Dan, I'm the only employee, I make a few hundred dollars a month from using my hobby part time, and I don't need to to visit a bank for a business loan, why do I need a business plan?


A business plan might be necessary if I was a large business, but I'm doing ok, making a living right now. Why do I need a business plan, when my customers are my neighbours, and I don't have any big expenses?

Well the reason you need a business plan is that it helps you decide who your customers are, where they are, how much time you need for your business, how much money you need to start your business and keep it running, and it helps you focus on one idea and one area rather than spreading yourself too thin.

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