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Lassoing Lisa

~K. Lyn~

Romancing Erotica Books

Copyright 03/15/2011: K. Lyn

All Rights Reserved


Included in: Lassoing Lisa

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Lassoing Lisa



On a dare one night, Jenny does the unthinkable, and as a result she somehow ends up in a wheat field. When the owner of the land finds Jenny hiding in his prized crop, he calls her by name, but by the wrong name. For some reason, the man thinks that Jenny is a woman named Lisa, and he immediately gives her an ultimatum. She can either come home with him, or he can have her arrested for trespassing. Jenny thinks the man is sexy and very intriguing, though he also seems to have a dark side to him that frightens her.

Lassoing Lisa:

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