Jenny had no idea where she could possibly be at this point. She had done the unthinkable tonight and could not have regretted it more. Jenny was young, idealistic, and very impulsive. On a dare she had accepted a ride from a trucker and when she had denied him the sexual pleasure which he thought was his due, he had unceremoniously kicked her out.

After walking for what seemed like hours, Jenny was now in a field of some sort. It was dark as she tried to figure out what she was stepping in. This was not a corn field. That much Jenny knew. The rows weren’t nearly tall enough to be corn. Jenny stopped for a moment and ran her hands slowly along the stalks. Then she broke one off and smelled it.

“It’s wheat,” she exclaimed, as if discovering gold.

Jenny had grown up in wheat country and the smell of the ready to be harvested shocks reminded her of home. Hoping not to step in cow poop, Jenny marched onward. She had walked about half a kilometer more when she just couldn’t take another step.

“I’m exhausted,” she admitted, and lay down in a bed of ripe wheat.

Flashing lights awoke Jenny. “What’s that?” she asked herself.

Jenny stayed down, hoping that it wasn’t the trucker coming back for her. He had been really pissed when she refused to put out. Then Jenny realized that the lights were coming toward her. They were headlights and there was no way she could escape them as they cast a very brilliant spotlight on her. The truck stopped, and Jenny stared at the man who got out of it and began walking toward her.

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