Short Stories:

The Old Lady


My friends, today’s a banner day!

Fit to hang my flags and let them fly

Beneath a sky of blue bereft of gray

In free air and sun to wave and dry

Carried from the wash in plastic bin

They’re twisted, moist, coiled, warm

As if all spilled out what was within

My vital organs in this basket borne

So sun shan’t put to rout my shades

My vibrant greens, reds and blues

Turned inside out so nothing fades

Preserve my banners’ brilliant hues

Restless limbs I wrangle and pin

They kick and jab with the breeze

Or there listless dangle, giving in

Content to be outdoors at ease

How with words to say the scent?

A summer forest washed with rain

Its breath then over oceans sent

And at last across a flowered plain

Shirtless when the weather’s fine

I pull on a fresh one from the line

A sensation singular and sublime

Like a tomato eaten off the vine

Each article has its story and themes

Players and setting, a place and time

Well woven into its colors and seams

Intricate, intimate reason and rhyme

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