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Where’s The Blue Pill?

James Rucker

Copyright 2010 By James Rucker

Smashwords Edition

As a child this fires wells inside of us, it tells us that we are meant to do something special with our lives. Did you ever find out what that was or did you let it fade and accept yourself as just another somebody?

I’m just going to warn you up front for general purposes. I may not know how, or why, and it may not even be my fault at all, but, eventually, I’ll piss ya off!”

- Woody Short

It has no power of you if you can just learn to laugh at it.”

- Denika Smallwood

Those you judge you will one day become.”

- Neale Donald Walsh

You never really know anything until you have the ability to make a mistake.”

- Tim Lagare

Everyone seems normal till they realize how fucked up you are!”

- DJ Karma

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