Game on by Olley White

Copyright Lorraine Powell 2014

Game On

By Olley White


This story is for all of us who have made a judgment— intended or not. It is for all of us who have learnt from those judgments. It is for all of us who love love and hate labels.

I have loved every minute of this writing challenge and would like to thank MC firstly for such a great prompt.

Without the support of my fellow Unicorns who, underneath all the smut, have hearts of gold and are generous to a fault, this wouldn’t have been possible. Those layers of smut can be kinda deep though, just as a warning. ;) As morale boosters, question answerers and doubt bashers they are amazing. Thanks Uni’s, you truly are the best and I love you all.

Enormous thanks to Sara for beta-reading and editing and giving me confidence.

Also a big thanks to Natasha Snow for my beautiful cover— I love it hard, and for believing in these boys from the start.

I wouldn’t be me without my husband and children. They complete me and let me be just me. They let me listen to the characters in my head— even if it means I burn tea. Thanks guys, I love you so, so very much.

This story was written in response to a prompt letter as part of the Goodreads MM group, Don’t Read in the Closet, 2014 event, Love’s Landscapes. Enormous thanks go to all the team behind this amazing event.

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