Last night, the reigning queen of low-key bitch reporting, Frances Browning, interviewed the entire Somerville family, who were onscreen together for the first time since the cancellation of their reality show.  For those who don’t remember, Days of Somerville followed the (seemingly) wholesome Somerville family, their full-house dynamics and the running of their Somerville Diner in Dutchess Plains – that is until Momma Somerville got caught bumping nasties with her teenaged son’s bestie.  Yes, that vile shit happened.  You pushed that memory all the way to the back of your head, didn’t you?

Well guess who didn’t?

Frances Browning.  Because that ancient bitch doesn’t forget shit when it comes to scandal.  She lives to call stars out on their most disgraceful memories.  Literally – her old ass actually runs on pure, unadulterated celebrity shame.

But womp, womp – guess what? These reality brats have actually been carving out some legit-ass careers for themselves since their show got canned.  Don’t believe it? Well, here’s a quick brief on most of the scandalous Somervilles:

Warner, 45: Okay, so Poppa Somerville wasn’t actually at the interview but who can blame the guy? He’s busy auditioning for this season of Celebrity Samba and also, it would’ve been way too good to have him sitting there while Frances grilled his ex-wife on why she cheated with someone whose high school graduation they’d have to attend.

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