What others are saying about HORN, by Peter M Ball…

I was continually impressed by Ball’s economy of expression, blending of genres, and his ability (in the close quarters of a novella) to not just layer in information about the characters but also about character motivation. The ambition in Horn may exist mostly at the level of scene and character without too much additional complexity of plot or situation, and it may veer toward the sensationalistic once or twice, but overall the book is a promising, strong debut by a new Australian author.

Jeff Vandermeer, Ecstatic Days

[Horn] involves unicorns, rape, snuff movies, and more or less undead lesbian detectives. Peter M Ball has got it right. This book is smart, funny, nasty, and wicked as hell. He gets the noir-ish tone spot on, delivers with action a-plenty, kick-ass characters, intelligent plotting, and good, clean evocative writing. Best of all, he takes a turgidly overused fantasy trope out behind the backyard toilet and puts a dum-dum bullet through its brain, after which he whips out his tackle and pisses all over the steaming corpse.

Dirk Flinthart, Cool Shite

Peter M Ball was shortlisted for the Best New Talent award in the 2009 Ditmar Awards.


by Peter M. Ball

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