Chains of Apollo”

Justus Roux

Copyright 2014 by Justus Roux

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely a coincidence

Chapter One

Apollo looked at himself in the mirror. His Master had placed the chains perfectly. The metal pressed against his flesh tightly and the way he knelt there waiting for his Master, the anticipation of it was perfect. The mirrors were placed in such a way Apollo had full view of everything his Master planned to do to him. He could see his Master’s reflection in the mirror. The long whip he held coiled in his hand was like a promise of pleasure. Apollo’s breathing quickened and his heart started to pound as his cock hardened. His Master wore only a pair of leather pants. Apollo’s gaze wandered down his Master’s body. His Master was a very handsome and strong male. He liked how his Master wore his hair in those long braids that he had tied back with a leather strap. His Master had not changed in all the time Apollo knew him, in fact, age made his Master even more handsome.

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