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The Vibrating Cranny Scoop

Mark Neal

Copyright 2013 Mark Neal

Smashwords Edition


It was my fifteenth year to Heaven, and my first time in a pub. At the bar, the people came and went, talking of the three day week.

"Sit down there, and I'll buy you a drink," said Father with a twinkle.

As he sailed off and left me alone, I sensed that something was about to happen - something so significant that one day I would be compelled to write about it.

I sat and waited. What would it be? A girl, it had to be a girl. A blonde girl - Alison - would slip me a note saying SEE YOU HERE AT EIGHT, and disappear as if by magic. Yes, I was on the verge of a picaresque romp around the beds of Liverpool. Each assignation would represent one of the seven deadly sins, with Lust gaining two chapters to itself. I would call it Catharsis, and the write-ups would draw parallels with Tropic of Cancer.

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